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Antigua Guatemala

Visit the first capital of Guatemala. Nowadays it represents a mix of cultures between native traditions, colonial architecture, and modern life. As you walk the stoned- streets, pass by modern stores offering souvenirs and at the same time meet the locals wearing their folkloric clothes and talking native languages. The tour takes you to visit colonial structures and ruins, a coffee plantation or vineyard, souvenir market, artisanal stores of jade, textiles, chocolate, or rum.

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Highlights of Guatemala

Visit the most emblematic sites of Guatemala. Your journey starts discovering the first capital of the country: Antigua Guatemala. While walking its colonial streets and visiting its ruins, witness how colonial, modern, and Mayan lifestyles merge. Visiting a vineyard or coffee plantations are part of the experience. Later on, get into the Mayan market of Chichicastenango, you can see from a high point how the streets are filled with colors of vegetables and textiles, or you can walk through it and learn how marketing is done in this city. Atitlán is a must-do in this trip, as well as visiting Mayan towns on the shores of the lake, meeting the locals. Final stop of the journey: Tikal. Go back in time discovering how the Mayas were able to create a strong and highly advanced society in the middle of the jungle.

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Short Visit Guatemala

Get to know a little of Guatemala in a short visit trip. Start at the central plaza of the capital city and once you know the origin of the city, go to the World Heritage City: Antigua Guatemala. Antigua impresses its visitors with the splendor of colonial architecture combined with Mayan culture and traditions. The last days of your trip are on the shores of one of the most captivating lakes surrounded by three volcanoes at Atitlan Lake.

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Tour Rum Flor de Caña

Have you tried Flor de Caña Rum? Well, this rum is made in Nicaragua, and is one of the best rums of the world. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the place where this rum is made, learn about all its processes, and most importantly, learn about its history, which is interesting and inspirational.

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Historic León

Let’s explore León in one day. You will have the opportunity to discover the national treasures of the city such as the Cathedral, the ruins of the old city -declared National Heritage of León-and its famous museums and beaches. Besides, this tour gte you the ruins of Old Leon, where you will be impressed by the stories between natives and conquerors.

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