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Nicaragua, “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, is a country of natural wonders and human-made beauties. As a tropical country, it offers the perfect mix of natural adventure, colonial & modern cities, gastronomy, and happy friendly people.


  • Geographic Limits: Honduras to the North and Costa Rica to the South
  • Area: 130,373.40 km2
  • Population: +/- 6 million
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Zone: -6 GMT
  • NationalCurrency: Córdoba (C$)


Nicaragua has a rich culture; its culture is the result of a mix among natives, Spaniards, and Africans hundreds of years ago. It is known by its delicious gastronomy, tropical dances and music combined with Caribbean sounds.

Travel packages for this destination

Historic León

Let’s explore León in one day. You will have the opportunity to discover the national treasures of the city such as the Cathedral, the ruins of the old city -declared National Heritage of León-and its famous museums and beaches. Besides, this tour takes you the ruins of Old Leon, where you will be impressed by the stories between natives and conquerors.

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Colonial Granada & Islets

Discover the first city established in Latin America by the Spanish conquerors. Granada is filled with a history of natives, conquerors, colonial times, and actual modern life. Its architecture and streets take you back in the time, its museums and churches tell its story. Besides, its natural beauties as the Mombacho Volcano and the Islets make Granada, unique.

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Managua History Tour

To live Nicaragua you must first take this history tour as a cornerstone. Join us on this half-day history tour and take part of Managua with you. What’s the offer? Well, a panoramic view over the city and of its Historic Center. Later, visit the ruins of the presidential palace during the President Somoza government and learn about the Nicaraguan Revolution and its effects. Discover the history of Managua's downtown and the new tourist center of the city on the shores of Xolotlan Lake. At the end of the tour, eat a traditional Nicaraguan meal at your own expense in a famous Nicaraguan restaurant

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Sandboarding Cerro Negro Volcano

Climb a steep and ‘difficult to walk’ volcano of 500 meters high and descend it in only 5 minutes! Begin the adventure walking 1 hour to the top of the Cerro Negro Volcano. Once you reach the summit, you will enjoy the panoramic view and unique landscape of the Cerro Negro. To end this amazing journey, prepare yourself to make your heart beat faster in a 5 minutes or less sandboarding descent! Are you ready?.

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Zip-Lining Mombacho Volcano

Are you ready to increase your levels of adrenaline in one day in the forests of the Mombacho Volcano across 15 wooden and fiber-glassed platforms, 6 ziplines, a boomerang, a Tarzan swing, and a vertical descent? Keep in mind all these activities are accompanied by a specialist guide and high quality equipment. At the end, stabilize your adrenaline levels by visiting the Coffee Plantation in Mombacho Farm and enjoy a delicious cup of “Café Las Flores” coffee.

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