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Nicaragua, “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, is a country of natural wonders and human-made beauties. As a tropical country, it offers the perfect mix of natural adventure, colonial & modern cities, gastronomy, and happy friendly people.


  • Geographic Limits: Honduras to the North and Costa Rica to the South
  • Area: 130,373.40 km2
  • Population: +/- 6 million
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Zone: -6 GMT
  • NationalCurrency: Córdoba (C$)


Nicaragua has a rich culture; its culture is the result of a mix among natives, Spaniards, and Africans hundreds of years ago. It is known by its delicious gastronomy, tropical dances and music combined with Caribbean sounds.

Travel packages for this destination

Islanders Day in Granada

A full day to relax in one of the 365 islets of Granada. Get a nature tour on the island, enjoy fresh natural beverages and fish BBQ. Kayak in the tranquil waters and do some birdwatching. Or, learn some fishing practices from locals.

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Tour Rum Flor de Caña

Have you tried Flor de Caña Rum? Well, this rum is made in Nicaragua, and is one of the best rums of the world. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the place where this rum is made, learn about all its processes, and most importantly, learn about its history, which is interesting and inspirational.

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Historic León

Let’s explore León in one day. You will have the opportunity to discover the national treasures of the city such as the Cathedral, the ruins of the old city -declared National Heritage of León-and its famous museums and beaches. Besides, this tour gte you the ruins of Old Leon, where you will be impressed by the stories between natives and conquerors.

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Colonial Granada

You can enjoy the peaceful environment of this amazing lake and it flora and fauna during a boat tour. If you prefer to perform other activities during the day, you can visit the city of Granada and be impressed by the colonial architecture reflected in the houses, churches, museums and other buildings.

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Managua History Tour

Join us in this day tour and take a part of Managua with you. What’s the offer? Well, a panoramic view of the city and of the Historic Center of the City (Palacio de la Cultura, National Theater, and former Cathedral), a visit to the ruins of the presidential palace during President Somoza government that held prisons and torture rooms; shopping in the national handicraft market; and a visit to the colorful and new tourist site Puerto Salvador Allende on the coast of the beautiful and famous Lake Xolotlán. The day does not end here; enjoy the New Managua with its modern malls and cathedral!.

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