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Central America, formed by 7 countries, is a region of great impact on the world. Through the years, it has provided the seed for gourmet flavors and fragrances. It has also pushed the world´s economy with high-quality crops thanks to its fertile soils and tropical weather. Moreover, the region has extense natural reserves being the second lung of the Americas. Central America, an authentic region with singular countries.


  • Geography: From the North to the South: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean.
  • Extension: 522 760 km²
  • Population: 44 671 601 inhabitants


In the historical-cultural framework, the region was originated as the Captaincy General of Guatemala in 1542 -1821. Later, new countries were added, Belize and Panama. The region has a mix of pre-Colombian cultures with diverse languages. The civilization with the greatest impact and that still has a living culture is the Mayan; although, the inhabitants of the region come from natives, afro descendants, and Europeans.

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Costa Rica & Nicaragua: Highlights

Two opposite countries merge for you on this excursion. Amaze your self in Costa Rica with its well-preserved Nature Reserves as you visit Marino Ballena, Manuel Antonio, La Fortuna, and Tenorio Volcano. Later, learn about the history-shaping of Nicaragua´s modern life touring two colonial cities and the capital.

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Costa Rica & Guatemala: Essential

Visit the most emblematic sites of two countries: Costa Rica & Guatemala. Get immersed in the well preserved Natural Reserves of Costa Rica passing by volcanoes, hot springs, cloud forests, and paradisiacal beaches. Later, take a regional flight towards Guatemala and discover the ancient Mayan culture visiting La Antigua and Atitlán Lake.

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Salvador & Nicaragua: Natural Adventure

This is a short trip to explore the natural beauty of both countries. In El Salvador, admire the majestic view of its most known volcanoes. In Nicaragua, get immersed in a natural paradise at Ometepe Island as you hike its nature reserves and relax at its beach. The last days of your trip are to relax in Granada, colonial city.

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Belize & Guatemala: Mayan World

Belize & Guatemala Explore the hidden secrets of the most powerful civilization in the region: The Mayas; guarded in the dense tropical forests of Belize and Guatemala. The main sites, Tikal and Caracol competed in political and economic power during the same era. Enjoy the natural beauty of both countries combining the living Mayan culture in Guatemala.

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Central America: Mayan Archeology and Nature

Belize - Guatemala - Nicaragua - Costa Rica Central America owns the most astounding secrets and treasures of the Mayan World, a living culture. Visit Belize and Guatemala, the two countries which were home to the most powerful civilization in the region. Predominant sites include Tikal and Caracol. During the journey, admire the untouched natural beauty of Nicaragua and the biodiversity of Costa Rica.

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