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Guatemala, “Heart of the Mayan World”. Traveling the country introduces you to a land of a vivid culture with colored textures, marimba sounds, jungles, volcanoes, and a modern city.


  • Geographic Limits: bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Honduras and Belize and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between El Salvador and Mexico.
  • Area:  108,889 sq km
  • Population: 16,176,133 inhabitants
  • Official Language: Spanish and 21 Mayan languages
  • Zone: -6 GMT
  • National Currency: Quetzal Q.


Guatemala is a multicultural and multilingual country. The Mayan world plays an important role in the current culture where respect and harmony towards humanity and the earth are the main elements. The Spanish conquest marked a new era in the region; however, as of today, the country has a unique mixed of lifestyles and beliefs.

Travel packages for this destination

Artisans of Antigua

Beautiful Antigua with its embellished colonial architecture is surrounded by villages of artisans. The tour takes you to learn about ancestral patterns of textiles, jade, loquat, and chocolate. Also, pass by the Rum House and visit the former capital of the country, “Ciudad Vieja”. If we have time, later, leisure time in Antigua Guatemala to discover central Plaza on your own. At the same time, meet the locals wearing their folkloric clothes and talking native languages

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Farms of Antigua

If you are more into crops, plantations, and eco-farming, this tour is for you! Visit farms surrounding Antigua and discover the importance of Macadamia, vegetables, exotic plants; as well as ancestral Mayan farming techniques. You can get a snack or lunch of locally and organically produced ingredients!

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Guatemala, Impressive City

Get the complete Guatemalan experience. Gastronomy and traditions combined with the economic, political, and cultural center. Visit the National Palace with its beautiful decorations and impressive history guarded in its interior. Take time to buy some souvenirs at the central market and discover fresh Guatemalan vegetables and fruits. Enjoy a traditional lunch on your own.

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Pacaya Volcano

Looking for adventure? Visit the Pacaya Volcano in a 3-hour hike. Close to the summit, you can admire lava coming down from the volcano crater. You can either hike or ride a horse on the way up. At the top, the view is beautiful. After the adventure, leisure time at Hot Springs at your own expense.

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Atitlán Lake & Locals

Described by travelers as one of the most beautiful lakes in Central America surrounded by an impressive landscape formed by 3 volcanoes and 11 mayan villages. The tour connects you with nature and with locals. The tour takes you to explore the market on shores of the lake, boat tour crossing the lake and visiting some of the Mayan villages to learn about textiles, agriculture, and local life.

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