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Elderly Tourism (60+ years old)

Coffee Aroma

EXCLUSIVELY FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE. Our life would not be the same without the aromas and flavors of coffee. Guatemala has a rich history of coffee production that for years contributed directly to the national GDP. We visit a coffee plantation with more than 130 years of history, we know the production process by the experts. Then, free time to have lunch on the farm and enjoy the nature that surrounds us.

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A day in the farm

EXCLUSIVE FOR ELDERLY. We are going to Antigua Guatemala to spend a day touring a farm and learning about organic vegetables, exotic plants, and a local store. We enjoy the fresh air, nature, and serenity of the place. We take time to have lunch on the farm with fresh and organic products.

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Zoo & Handicrafts

Let's take the day to visit La Aurora Zoo. Our Zoo is positioned as one of the best zoos in Latin America. It has 16 blocks of beautifully landscaped land, which makes our zoo one of the largest lungs in Guatemala City. Then, time to tour the craft market. After the tour, time to have lunch at your own expense.

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Impressive Guatemala City

It is worth remembering the old days of childhood and youth when we walked the streets and parks of our capital on foot. Now, let's get to know the treasures of Guatemala City from another perspective. By bus, we pass through emblematic buildings and houses loaded with stories. We visit the Railroad museum and then take time in Parque Central to remember about the original foundation and design of the city. Then we have the opportunity to walk the corridors of the central market. Free time for lunch in a traditional Guatemalan restaurant.

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Secrets of La Antigua

ONLY FOR ELDERLY TRAVELERS OF GUATEMALA: Antigua Guatemala recognized as a World Heritage Site has many stories that tell between its streets, ruins, convents, and fountains. Today, we take the time to discover beyond its stunning beauty. We visit the ruins of the convents, the ruins of the Cathedral, the Jade house, and the Ron house. We have free time to have lunch and relax in the colonial atmosphere.

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