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Ten years of experience bringing travelers to discover the wonders and authenticity of Central America.

Bosa Tours & Travel is a Tour Operator that truly believes in showing to the world the authenticity of the Central American countries.  We take travelers to discover the roots of our traditions and culture while enjoying captivating natural landscapes and meeting the locals.

With excellence, passion, and a personalized service including 24/7 phone monitoring, day by day travelers live a unique journey, they live the Bosa Family experience.

Social Environmental Responsibility

General Objectives

  • Protect our environment working and living in a sustainable way.
  • Maintain reliable transactions and relationships with suppliers.
  • Offer innovative, personalized, accessible, and high quality tourist services to our customers.
  • Set a good working environment implementing effective communication channels; pay deserved salaries, and promote respect towards and between our  employees.
  • Support education, culture, and sports in our community by getting involved or donating to education, housing, and feeding programs.

Our sustainability and CSR

Implement innovative, ethic, moral, legal, and environmental policies that contribute into the sustainable development of the society.

Our circuits and tours are sustainable

  • We include hotels with eco or sustainability certifications or sustainable practices.
  • We take our guests to visit communities where we leave a monetary contribution for their lodging, feeding, and touring services provided to our guests.
  • We use local guides and local translators.
  • A percentage of each sale is given to specific communities.

Our society is important

  • We sponsor children from public schools by providing them school materials and uniforms.
  • We donate to local orphanages for the purchase of basic grains..
  • We make monetary and time donations to our local church so the word of God can be spread throughout Nicaragua.
  • We promote these activities among our personnel so they get motivated to contribute into society.

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Walking Antigua Tour

Walking tour in Antigua Guatemala. Explore the history of the city which was once the capital of Central America. While walking its stoned streets enjoy its mix of cultures: native traditions, colonial style, and modern life. Visit colonial buildings and ruins and discover the history of encloistered nuns and Mayan syncretism.

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Masaya Volcano & Artisan Towns

The most colorful and folkloric town in Nicaragua is Masaya. Hand-made wooden, leathered, and cotton products as clothing, shoes, bags, decorations, and souvenirs fill the Masaya Market as well as traditional meals and beverages. Add an ounce of adventure by visiting an active volcano and stand right in front of the lava lake at its crater.

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Walking Colonial Granada Tour

Walkthrough the history of the first European City mainland in Las Americas, named "Granada" founded in 1524; today called "The Paris of Central America". Granada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage represented on its buildings and traditions.

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Coffee Tour in Antigua

Visit a 130 years coffee plantation in the surroundings of Antigua Guatemala. Start with a walk through the nursery and coffee plantation, then continue to the wet milling and drying patio where the beans are processed and sorted. End the tour with a cup of locally produced coffee. Later, leisure time in Antigua Guatemala to discover central Plaza on your own.

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Artisans of Antigua

Beautiful Antigua with its embellished colonial architecture is surrounded by villages of artisans. The tour takes you to learn about ancestral patterns of textiles, jade, loquat, and chocolate. Also, pass by the Rum House and visit the former capital of the country, “Ciudad Vieja”. If we have time, later, leisure time in Antigua Guatemala to discover central Plaza on your own. At the same time, meet the locals wearing their folkloric clothes and talking native languages

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