Nicaragua’s Nature

Discover Nicaragua’s Nature

Discover Nicaragua’s Nature by hiking virgin forests, hearing the singing of birds and the howls of monkeys, or even biking around a natural wonder: Ometepe Island, or canoe the peaceful waters of beautiful Rio San Juan.


Nicaragua is still a country with vast natural resources and forests that are worth discovering today before they get crowded. These excursions offer comfortable mountain hotels or economic hotels, but none of them take out the beauty of Nicaragua’s nature!


Get ideas for your trip to Nicaragua, book one of these nature excursions, or personalize it to create a new one just for you!


Discover Nicaragua’s Nature following these best recommendations:


Nature and Culture 1 15-day excursion passing by coffee plantations, rural communities, and colonial cities


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  •   Altos de Santo Domingo, del obelisco, 3.5 km sur-este Managua, Nicaragua.

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