Social Impact and Volunteering

Nicaragua: Social Impact and Volunteering

When you say Nicaragua most people think about its natural beauty and rich history. However, Nicaragua is a country full of mysticism as it has not been fully explored or developed to its full industrial capacity. The rich natural beauty does give Nicaragua some of its magic. Small communities are still found living in harmony with nature and living off of the land without causing any damage or pollution.

Generations of traditions have allowed locals to develop farming and production methods that are environmentally friendly and still capable of producing a large yield. Take a look at the activities below and learn how you can visit these communities and share their experiences first hand.

Macizo Peñas Blancas

Penas Blancas Massif, Nicaragua

Penas Blancas Massif, Nicaragua

Nicaragua has many natural water conservation programs in the northern part of the country, but none is bigger or more important than El Macizo de Peñas Blancas. Live a once in a lifetime experience and learn about the 36 natural water bodies that make up the program, contribute to the development of drinking water for a nearby town and take in one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations. In addition, learn about the benefits and production of bamboo, and how honey is produced.

Working with Artisans 

Work hand in hand with northern local in La Garnacha Natural Reserve, located in Esteli. You will learn about growing your own vegetables on a small and medium scale, produce fertilizer from scratch, produce natural medicine, cheese production techniques, and handmade crafts, and sell them in the little green market once you complete your learning experience. Hike the natural reserve and walk through the lush jungle, while talking to the locals, listening to local folk stories and sharing some local cuisine with them from the products you helped produce.

Community Education

Cascada Blanca,Matagalpa City,Nicaragua

Cascada Blanca,Matagalpa City,Nicaragua

You have a chance of causing a real impact while having the time of your life by participating in educational programs in public schools in Matagalpa. Teach English, cooking or sports to children and help teach them valuable lessons and skills that will help them in the future. Top it all off with a beach day in San Juan del Sur and your vacations/educating mission will surpass anything you have ever experienced before.

Craft Products of Nicaragua 

Nicaraguan Farmer planting Artisan Coffee

Nicaraguan Farmer planting Artisan Coffee

Nicaragua is not very industrialized and is still very dependent on craft industries to make up a huge part of their economy. Learn about artisan coffee production, land preparation and crop development, texture manufacturing and the agriculture trade of the inhabitants of northern Nicaragua.

Interested in these or any other activity in Nicaragua? Give us a call and our team of experts will be more than happy to work with you and put together the trip of your dreams!


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