What you can do in Granada, Nicaragua

What you can do in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is located on the west coast of Nicaragua and is one of the oldest European-controlled cities in the Americas. Although there are a few cities that claim the same, Granada is the only one registered in the official records of the Crown of Aragon and Kingdom of Castile in Spain.


Granada boasts of heavy colonial heritage, seen in the architecture and structure. It has a rich cultural mix that consists of catholic influence merged into native American folklore, resulting in unique traditions and beliefs. We have compiled some activities you can do during your visit.



Cycling in Granada

Cycling Equipment & Tour Guide


Cycling enthusiasts will find a second home in Granada. The easy going, small town vibe and broad streets make it a perfect setting for an amazing bicycle ride. Cycling around Granada offers a unique experience, where you will feel the fresh colonial breeze flowing through your hair, have a chance to talk to locals, get some locally grown coconut, and stop at an ice cream parlor while equipped with the best bicycles and safety gear available.


Historic Sightseeing


Old Railway Station


Being the oldest city in all of the Americas, Granada is home to dozens of historic attractions. The city played a huge role in both Central American and Nicaraguan independence and is currently one of Nicaragua’s political, cultural, economic and intellectual capitals. Granada is home to attractions such as the San Francisco Church and Museum, Plaza de la Independencia (Independence Plaza), La Polvora Fort, The Episcopal Palace, Old Railway Station and The Jockey Country Club.





Gastronomy in Granada


As a cultural capital of Nicaragua, Granada’s traditional cuisine is among the finest in the country. That fact, combined with the foreign influences coming from European and American immigrants, have given Granada’s cuisine recognition among some of the world’s most recognized publications. Granada’s never changing culinary scene fuses local and international flavors and ingredients while depending on the ingredients that are locally available.


Granada, and in fact all Nicaragua, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The perfect combination of colonial style and heritage, a strong native base and tropical beauty is what makes it one of the must-visit locations in Central America.


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