Community and Rural Tourism

Community and Rural Tourism

Nicaragua is working to improve the quality of  rural tourism, which allows visitors to have a unique experience when visiting the country. Tourists can choose from a variety of options like coexisting with farmers, picking coffee, milking cows, riding horses, or making tortillas among other activities, which are part of the many practices that community and rural tourism offers to national and foreign visitors. Nicaragua’s new touristic offer does not only include the sun, sand, and luxurious hotels, now houses of the peasants are offered as space where visitors can accumulate experiences and learn about the national culture.


Rural TourismCommunity and Rural Tourism


This is an increasingly important activity in Nicaragua. In recent years, cooperatives, rural families, native communities and associations of craftsmen have organized and launched touristic initiatives throughout the country, from the Pacific all the way to the Caribbean coast.



Who Runs The Business

Rural Tourism


This type of tourism is managed and promoted by the people of this country, without having them abandon their traditional activities. In this touristic area, they find a new way to diversify and complement their economy. All of these initiatives constitute already an alternative tourism proposal to visit Nicaragua. This trip through Nicaragua will allow you to interact with people, discover their Pre-Columbian past, dive into lagoons, get into the interiors of the forests, climb volcanoes, and discover villages through the whole country.


Types of Adventurers


Rural TourismThere are three types of tourists that enjoy community and rural tourism. The first type seeks adventure, the second type looks for recreation with nature and family life and the third type that searches for a place where nature and relaxation can be found.


Community and rural tourism have sought to diversify the touristic offer in Nicaragua and it has responded adequately to the increasing market demands. The future of this type of tourism relies on the families and small businesses that have taken the development of this new branch on their hands and it will continue to grow into a more visible touristic segment within Nicaragua and thus become a part of the most famous activities in the whole country.

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